Chapter 3 Run to me

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Chapter 3
I woke up to the feel of a firm mattress below my body and the smell of food cooking not far away.  I yawned and stretched and inhaled deeply, fully appreciating how hungry I was.  Memories flooded into my mind, fear, panic and then running, running, running, and the monster.  The words seemed to scream in my head forcing me into action.  I glanced around hurriedly and then slipped out of the bed.
I made my way to the window and peered outside, it was early dawn and from the sound of plates clattering I was quite satisfied that Anzel was in the kitchen – this might well prove to be my only opportunity for escape.  I pushed the window sash higher and hoisted my leg through.  I had no idea where I was or what direction to run in, but surely if I ran far enough I would find someone or at least escape.  I had but just tucked my head through the window behind my leg when the door swung open and Anzel strolled in.
“What are you doing?”  He demanded the tray in his hand slipping onto the floor as he raced forward to grab me.
“I’m...well...”  What does one say in such circumstances?  I needn’t have bothered to find words for Anzel was already dragging me by my waist back into the room and tossing me none too gently onto the bed.
“Stupid girl!”  He barked but I was not really listening to his words for I was staring up at him with wide opened eyes as if I were seeing him for the first time.  Anzel looked completely different.
His face was completely clean of hair, no beard, no moustache...completely clean.  As he leaned over me on the bed and pressed my body into the mattress my hand reached up almost automatically and my fingers brushed lightly across his cheek, so very smooth.
“You shaved.”  I said unnecessarily and was surprised when Anzel turned his face away from me, but not before I had noticed that it had turned a bright red.
“Hmmm.”  He muttered pulling himself off of me and walking away.  I stared at him, his hair too was different, instead of the long shaggy mat that had partially covered his face his jet black hair was now combed and though still past the nape of his neck, looked much more managed.  I was finding it hard to imagine this fine specimen of manhood could become anything remotely like the creature I had seen.  Had I imagined it? I had been tired and frightened after all.
“You...you made me breakfast?”  I muttered, still trying to figure out this new Anzel.  He ran nervous fingers through his hair and hurried over to where bits of glass and plate laid from the accident.  I had never thought earlier to ask him how old he was, but with a clean shaven face I could see clearly he was barely older than I.
“You shouldn’t try to escape.”  He said gruffly.  Had he been planning to bring me breakfast in bed?  I stared down at the floor as Anzel picked up the bits and pieces, a single rose laid in the centre of the heap of eggs there.
“Oh my gosh...”  I covered my mouth.  “You brought me a rose?”
“It’s nothing.  These are all over the place.” Anzel muttered as he piled the gunk on the floor onto the tray.  “I’ll bring you something else to eat.”
“No..you...”  I hurried out of the bed and raced over to him, he was so strange, one moment he could be so rough and then the next so gentle, thoughtful and caring.
“Ow!”  I skipped from one foot to the next as pain shot up my leg.  “I stepped on glass...oh...oh...ow...”
“Stop that!”  Anson muttered as he scooped me into his arms and carried me back to the bed.  “Why didn’t you put on your shoes?”
“I didn’t think...”  I muttered sadly as he laid me there and slipped to the bottom of the bed to inspect my foot.
“You have glass in it.”  He glanced up at me briefly.  “I’ll pull it out.”
“Will it hurt?”  I asked making a sad face.  It was most extraordinary how the idea of removing glass from my foot pained me so when over the past twenty four hours I had been through so much.
“Are you always such a big baby?”  He queried.
“I don’t like pain.”
“Hmmmm...I shall try to remember that.  It won’t hurt much.”  He said as he tugged the piece of glass out of my foot...I screamed.
“It did hurt.”  I complained and he chuckled.  “And it still hurts.”
“I can fix that?  Do you want me too?”  His black eyes gleamed brightly and I found myself inspecting every contour of his handsome face.
“Yes.”  I answered nervously, not sure why I was allowing myself to trust this man into whose hands I had fallen.  He bent slowly and pressed his lips against my foot and I started to pull it away.
“Wait.”  He said and then his tongue licked the pained area and my entire body seemed to convulse and I groaned and then blushed.  He smiled and pressed his lip to my foot again, I didn’t pull away this time, even as his lips started to travel to my ankle and then my calf.
“Oh...”  I could feel my body grow damp and turned red with embarrassment.
“Grrrrrrr...........”  The sound was low and almost sexual and made my heart race.
“It...it...it doesn’t hurt now.”  I fought the words out as his hand followed his lips and climbed to my upper leg and started to massage the fleshy skin there.
“I know.”  He whispered.  When his teeth nipped gently at my body I groaned and spread my legs wider, allowing him a greater access.
“Pl...”  I whispered, my mind telling him to stop but my body revelling in the feel of his mouth on me.
“Oh gosh...”  I muttered as his finger took the place of his tongue and pressed in and out of me driving me to heights I had never experienced in my life.
“Oh...oh...oh...”  I squirmed under the desire he created in me, wanting more, but uncertain.  My heart quickened at the sound of his zip being pulled down and I stayed transfixed as he undressed, revealing a perfectly chiseled physique.
“Gosh...”   I whispered as he pressed my legs wider with his knees even as his finger continued to explore me.  I stared at his member, as it grew thicker and larger nervousness settled on me followed swiftly by fear and anxiety.  He was big.
“You’re mine.”  He said and then his body pressed hard into me, I screamed and reached out for something to grip onto, my hand gripped his shoulder and my nails sunk into his skin.
“Oh gosh!”  I yelled as his body pressed into mine and then retracted then entered again and retracted.  Each time he entered I groaned, shamelessly enjoying the feel of him in spite of the pain it brought with it.
“It’s okay to like it, baby.”  He whispered as his body banged against mine, his member driving deep inside of me.
“Oh...oh...oh...”  My body shook with the power of his strokes while perspiration settled on his brow.
“Gosh, you’re so sweet.”  He whispered, then he growled and the pounding intensified.
“Don’t stop, don’t stop!”  I screamed, completely lost in the pleasure he created.
“Darling!”  Was the last word he yelled; a few moments later his body collapsed on top of mine, I gripped him tighter and relished the feel of his juices emptying inside of me.
We laid there in silence for close to twenty minutes, it was Anzel that spoke first.
“Carrie...”  His voice was low and hoarse when he spoke.
“Get off of me!”  I sobbed.  I felt so ashamed, what I had let him do, and that I had enjoyed it made the thought more painful.  “You had no right to do that to me!”
He rolled off beside me and I turned away, tears filling my eyes.
“I didn’t plan it to happen like this.”  He said and I sniffled.
“You’ve had what you wanted...you can let me go now.”  I muttered brushing a tear from my face.

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