Chapter 2 Run to me

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Chapter 2
I caught my breath nervously, what manner of demon was this, and what did he mean to do with me?
“Do you wish to live?”  He asked his fingers were now trailing a line along my cheek and I shivered nervously as he twined several strands of my waist length brown hair around his forefinger and tugged it slightly.
“Ye..yes Sir.”  I stumbled out and waited with baited breath to determine what I would need to do to continue to enjoy the pleasure of breathing.
“Sir?  Sounds far too gentlemanly for me, call me Anzel.  I have a proposition for you.”  He said and the lopsided grin on his face left me with little doubt as to what his proposition might be.  I didn’t answer, I knew whatever I had to say was irrelevant in the negotiation.
“I find myself in need of a...wife.”  He said and his cold dark eyes stared at me so intently I feared to even swallow.  “And you appear to be well endowed with all the necessary traits for being a wife.”  As he said that his hand cupped one of my breasts and squeezed it none to gently, and I gasped.
“And...and if I refuse?”  I asked wondering where I got the courage from to even ask the question.  He tossed back his head and laughed.
“I thought I made myself clear – marry me or die!”  Saliva puddled in my mouth and I swallowed hard.
“Death or...or marriage to you?”  I muttered nervously.  He raised an eyebrow at me his face – what little I could see of it, seemed hard and set.
“Are they so close in distastefulness?”  He questioned.
“I’ve...I’ve never been married...”  I began, my light grey eyes staring earnestly into his hard black ones.
“And you’ve never been dead.”  He cut in.  “But one is permanent and from the other there may yet be a reprieve.”
“There are...are some fates worst than death.”  I said and was surprised at my own audacity.  He laughed and jumped to his feet and gripping my hand pulled me up with him, my body collided with his and my breath caught.
“Oh!”  I shouted as his arms encircled my waist and he pulled me tightly against him.
“Perhaps if you had the slightest taste of both it would help you to make your mind up.”  He said as his head dipped and his lips captured mine.  My first reaction was to try to turn my face away but his other arm captured the back of my head and kept my face firmly in place.  I pinned my lips determinedly, adamant that his tongue would not obtain passage to my mouth but his other arm gripped my face and applied pressure to my cheek, forcing my mouth opened so he could enter for his fill.
Tears stung the back of my eyes and terror ravaged my spirit – would he take me, right now, right here?  I struggled against him, but my strength seemed puny and insignificant when compared to his.  I could feel his body start to harden against mine and I stiffened instinctively, the feel of his lips on mine were hard, demanding and dominant.  My heart fluttered and unaccustomed butterflies circled in my stomach and descended.  My legs grew weak and had it not been for his firm grasp I would certainly have slid to the ground.  I leveled my palms against his chest in a vain effort to push him away though my nails curled wantonly into his chest and my heart raced as his kiss deepened, awakening parts of me that I had hitherto never concerned myself with.
He drew away from me as swiftly as he had pulled me to him and looked down at me expressionlessly.
“That was a taste of marriage...this is a taste of death.” Suddenly his eyes were changing from their hard black coldness to a bright unnatural green and they were expanding even as his face appeared to take on a new and even more horrifying shape.
“Aaaaaaahhhh!” I shrieked and then thankfully blackness engulfed me.