Saturday, 26 November 2011


Three steps to becoming a winner:

1.  Sleep early and rise early.  There is nothing like a good nights sleep to make any day brighter.

2.  When things go wrong - trust God anyway and declare that they are going to change and be much better!

3.  Take risks (Pray about them first)  but never be afraid to live out loud!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

What makes a good relationship?

Here are ten simple tips to improve you're relationship:

1.  Communicate.  Talk to your partner not only in polite conversation but talk about your feelings and your needs.

2.   Be committed.  Make up your mind that you want the relationship to last.  Mindset is 50% of the staying power.

3.   Be loyal.  This loyalty is about not bad talking or bad mouthing your partner when they are not around.  If you can't say something positive perhaps it is best to keep quiet.  It doesn't mean you can't seek advice on a problem you're having with you're partner, just make sure it is not criticism for criticism sake.  Be faithful to your partner as well - infidelity destroys relationships.

4.   Spend time with your partner.  You can't get close to someone unless you make time for them.

5.   Make an effort to accommodate their needs and wants.  Relationships and love are about the willingness to give, take and sacrifice for the greater good.

6.   Make sure you and your partner have a clear definition of the roles of men and women in a relationship.

7.   Surround yourself with healthy couples that are supportive.

8.   Know yourself and your partner.  Be aware of inherited family issues that have impacted you or your partner and that could effect your relationship.  What you don't know can hurt you.

9.   Respect each other's feelings. Even if you don't agree with what the person is saying still treat their opinion with respect.

10. Have a shared religious conviction.  A strong religious/Christian partnership will go a long way in building a good relationship as you will have shared values and morals and the strength of one greater than you (God) to support you in tough times.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

www.darlenegibbs.org SITE LAUNCHED

Hi guys!

My website has been officially launched this weekend!  I would totally love it if you would visit my site and log in as a member.

The site will:

  • Carry my free ebooks - updates to RUN TO ME and any other free ebooks.
  • Let you know where you can find Darlene Gibbs ebooks for sale (and offer you the best prices)
  • Have chat, forums, friends and of course interesting articles to keep your mind stimulated.
  • Offer new Challenges or Competitions giving you a chance to win your choice of a Darlene Gibbs ebook for FREE
  • Have it's own Photo Gallery - You can upload a favorite photo (No nude pics :D ) - See my beautiful country...
  • Interview a member and showcase their talent and skills in writing or drawing
  • Offer even more...
So log into:


today and be a part of the family!!!